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Battersea, South West London

Kitchen, steel frame powder-coated in RAL 9010, Birch plywood fronts, stainless steel work top

This compact and robust kitchen is designed and built for a chef who also owns a coffee distribution company with her partner. This remarkable home was once a Victorian laundry; it has since been converted by Dingle Price of Pricegore Architects. The beautifully bright interior spaces measure over 1,600 sq ft.

The client was very specific regarding the kitchen, requesting the units be small but functional, allowing the space to stay open to accommodate moveable islands on wheels. This enables the space to be flexible enough to be used as a showroom as well as the clients’ everyday kitchen. The tall narrow larder has deep pullout drawers that store's all the couple's dry goods.

The materials used are steel frame units, powder-coated in RAL 9010, birch plywood and a stainless steel work surface.

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